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Well, have you ever noticed the words for most fun things in life end in the suffix ing? Climbing, kayaking, cycling, advertising, and so on? That’s because “ing” means action.
— jack brumm • ing guides media creative director

the definition of Guides and Media.

Guide | ɡīd | noun a person who advises or shows the way to others.

Media | ˈmēdēə | noun [treated as singular or plural] the main means of mass communication (broadcasting, publishing, and the Internet) regarded collectively.

Real world translation: We actively guide small and medium sized brand’s thru media creation and social media advertising so they can sell more online. Yeah there’s more to it than that, but that’s for the rest of the website. For details see links to the 3 main pages are below the client list.

In the last year or so, we documented a kayak being built and then paddled on a 3 day trip from Maine to an Island in the North Atlantic. We turned that into a ecommerce website and much more. We followed up with several interesting assignments, not the least of which was contracting with a medical industry giant to chronicle an Australian COPD patient’s triumph at the Boston Marathon. 

No matter the job, gig, contract, call it whatever you want, we always look for the unique angle on the subject matter. We ask ourselves, “how can we tell this story in a way the audience will connect with on a real level? What’s the value of the subject matter to the viewer, and how can we best portray it to them?” In our experience, pleasing an audience revolves around having good answers to those questions.

The perspective of the intended audience is what guides our creative process. An audience building mentality is helpful in social media marketing. Knowing the best keywords is fine, but not enough. Delivering the goods, great photo, video, and copy, that answer those keywords is the difference between failure and success.  

What we see and what most industry experts say is that people generally want authenticity. They also like to learn something new. They want to know how this new idea relates to them, and why it’s worth their attention.

So, someone who can guide that process, and create compelling media from that perspective is quite helpful in todays marketplace. We’re that helpful someone.

Thanks for the visit. Have a look around the site. Don’t forget the blog. Lot’s of good online video marking posts and more. 




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